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"Take things for what they are, not what you want them to be.

That's probably why lots of relationships with people---whether friends, family, and especially interests---fail. We don't take people for what they are. We want them to fit a certain mold we design for them. We keep kidding ourselves into thinking they're what we think they are, and when reality hits, and we find out they're not the person we thought they were, the connection is ruined."


friends only.

"I am content with what I have. I like how I don't need to ask for anything else. I like the simplicity. The ability to feel time being suspended for a few seconds to enjoy a simple moment. And because it is simple, it feels beautiful. Sometimes, I randomly feel tears, and sometimes, randomly things make me want to cry. And even though the thing that I am missing still eludes me, I now feel content. Scared to lose this contentment. This feeling as if everything is okay, finally. That those skeletons in my closet will remain in that forgotten closet. Maybe I am kidding myself, maybe this is just the peak, but it would be nice if things could remain like this for a while. And that those flaws so conspicuously hidden beneath the surfaces will stay hidden, even though they are there, glaring.

But, I am content.

And sometimes, I forget how just laying down with someone you care about, not speaking, can be a blessing amongst the daily squabbles of life.

And I'm happy my friends are my friends.

And I'm happy with my relationship.

And even though the word 'happy' probably denotes something I do not completely have right now, I feel it seems only correct to assume that it is close to the actual feeling."